Share Your Stratasure Report With Your Client

Whether you're buying or selling a condo, simply login before purchasing a Stratasure report, and both you and your client will get access to it in just a couple business days. There's no added cost for your client to access the report.

Invite Potential Buyers to the Report

If someone's interested in a property you're selling, you can invite them to the Stratasure report you've purchased. You can do it right from your phone! Just enter their email address, and within seconds they'll receive an email with a direct link to the report. For a small fee, they'll gain instant access to the report -- no waiting -- and you can discuss the report together, right at the open house.

You can even track which invitees have purchased access to the report, and which ones haven't, so that you can follow up with the most promising leads.

Make Money!

When you invite a potential buyer to your Stratasure report, they pay a small fee to access it. You choose how much invitees pay. This defrays the initial cost of the report, and if you have a lot of interest in your property, buying a Stratasure report can even earn you a profit!

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