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Updated: Jun 20, 2019

What is a walk score? 

Walk Score evaluates the walkability of properties in neighbourhoods. Points are awarded based on distance to amenities within a 5 minute walk. 

  • 90-100 is excellent with no need for a car

  • 70-89 is good with most errands accomplished by foot

  • 50-69 is somewhat walkable with some amenities within walking distance.

  • 25- 49 is car dependent with a few nearby amenities. 

  • 0-24 is completely car dependent.

Walkable neighbourhoods are: 

  • Associated with higher levels of arts organizations, creativity and civic engagement. 

  • Good for health. People living in walkable nighbourhoods tend to weigh 6-10 lbs less and it's also been studied that walking is great for mental health. 

  • Good for the environment. Fewer cars on the road means cleaner air. 

  • Good for resale value. Condos with high walk scores are worth more.

Condo living means trading in the backyard lifestyle for a small balcony that's usually big enough for a BBQ, a table and chairs and a few potted plants, but what you do get in return is excellent Walk Scores in vibrant neighbourhoods with everything you need at your doorstep.  Condos tend to be in beautiful walkable neighbourhoods with multiple parks, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, gyms, recreation facilities, shopping and every other service needed. People in Vancouver's downtown peninsula rarely use their cars because everything they need is within a 5 minute walk, and there are many other fantastic walkable condo neighbourhoods in Vancouver like Main Street, Commercial Drive, Fraserview, Kits, UBC and so many more. The same model of highrise condos built close to amenities exists in many other areas in the GVRD. New Westminster has incredible condos with Skytrain, Safeway and Landmark Cinemas built into the complex and the gorgeous Westminster Pier Park and riverwalk, and the River Market are 5 minutes away. North Van, West Van, Richmond, White Rock, Surrey Centre, Brentwood, Metrotown, Port Moody and Coquitlam all have very walkable condo neighbourhoods. The plans for 2000 Oakridge condos and 1,100 Lansdowne condos will be extremely walkable neighbourhoods when completed.

So what does a walkable neighbourhood feel like? 

Walkable neighbourhoods are friendly! People smile and say hello and the more you walk the more you get to know people in the whole community. Parents are walking their kids to schools and parks. Seniors walk for exercise and errands throughout the day and it's not uncommon for complete strangers to offer to help seniors to carry their groceries. Dogs bring people outside so people are walking day and night making the streets friendly and safe.

Even teenagers seem happier in walkable neighbourhoods (as long as they are looking at their phones!) Many condo owners in Vancouver have given up owning cars and use car shares Car2Go  Zipcar Evo Modo or use bikes and Vancouvers bike share, Mobi.

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