- Mike, Abbotsford condo owner

Having an unbiased review meant that I was able to remove the subjects with complete confidence. It also gave me peace of mind during a stressful time. Money well spent! Buying condos in older buildings can be a bit of a gamble, so having any advantage is very beneficial. Thanks!

- Marissa, East Vancouver condo owner

I'd not owned a condo before and therefore I had no experience with stratas or strata documents. So when my realtor sent me all the documents to read before making an offer I was surprised by the volume! I had no idea what I should be looking for. I spent over 10 hours reading the documents and if I'm being completely honest, I felt like I barely understood most of what I was reading and whether or not it was a well run strata.


I made a long list of questions and sent the documents to Stratasure for review. Stratasure's report answered all my questions and provided me with clarity. They identified many points in the depreciation report and in the minutes that I’d completely missed. Professional and thorough.

- Angela, South Surrey condo owner

While I read the strata’s documents I became nervous about going through with my offer to purchase. I hired Stratasure to help me review the documents and their report verified my concerns, plus they found other expensive repair issues on the near horizon.


Stratasure provided me with the information I needed to take a step back without feeling like I was making a fear-based decision and subsequently decided not to purchase that particular condo. I am very confident this was the right decision because within a month we found a much more suitable place and with Stratasure’s help, again, I felt very confident. The second report was as detailed as the first and confirmed that this condo would be a better fit for me.


Stratasure worked quickly and responded quickly to my additional questions.  I couldn’t be happier with my investment and I am happy to recommend Stratasure's services.

- Matt and Gabriella, Burnaby condo owners

We wanted to make an offer on a townhouse that was perfect for our growing family. We’d been looking for 6 months and had read so many different strata documents that we had document fatigue, they all started to sound the same and we found that we were misremembering pros and cons of different properties when we would discuss them.


The Stratasure report gave us a very accessible overview of how the building was being managed and very detailed notes about upcoming work and expected costs. Working from the report, our realtor was able to negotiate a lower price to help pay for upcoming assessments. While it made us a bit nervous to be buying into an older building that needed work, we were going in with our eyes wide open. Our bank also liked that we were aware of the upcoming costs and had budgeted for the repairs.


Before the subjects were removed, we had more time to read the documents ourselves and found that we probably would not have noticed many of the things that Stratasure pointed out. Stratasure helped to save us a lot of money. We highly recommend this service. The report is easy to understand and very thorough.

- Patrick and Heather, New Westminster condo owners

We hired a property inspector and Stratasure. With both reports we knew exactly what to expect in the coming years. Total peace of mind. The money we spent on both documents was money well spent!

- Elizabeth, Port Moody condo owner

Terrific service! Easy and efficient to read document that covers everything. The process of looking at condos is really time consuming and if you like a few, like I did, reading through the documents is a big time commitment.


Once I narrowed it down to two properties, and with two reports from Stratasure side-by-side, I was able to compare both strata property documents further. Without Stratasure’s help, I would have spent 20 hours (OR MORE!) on each property.


My free time is scarce. Stratasure gave me all of the information I needed to help me chose the right income property. I will definitely use this service again.

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